A Therapist Focus For Success

Welcome to today’s podcast to help build your thriving therapy business where we dig deep into the therapy bucket, the latest trends and what you need to build your successful business. Here’s your host, Dr. Karen E. Wells.

Today I wanted to just talk about focus and how that integrates with success. For those people that know me personally, I’m a huge tennis fan and my ultimate tennis player is Serena Williams. I having followed her for many years because she’s had an incredible tennis career and is still going at the time of me doing this podcast, which is September, 2020. She has always had this one-point focus of what she wants to achieve and that was always going to be the best in women’s tennis.

If you took that one-point focus and brought that into your life as a therapist and really never deviated away from that one-point focus, what would that mean for you? How would that actually increase and make your therapy business better? If you had a one-point focus and end goal, if you like, or a midway goal of what you wanted to achieve, whether that was a certain amount of revenue per month, whether that was a certain amount of clients that were coming through your doors, or whether it was an online courses, however you wanted to measure the success of your therapies, as that therapist, what one point focus would you need?

When I used to work face to face with clients, which was many years ago, things went rapidly downhill during a very dark period, personally, for me. My business literally came to a standstill. I had to turn my whole business around, and I started to create online courses. Now I had to have a one-point focus. I literally did not step away from my computer and making videos for online courses for literally two years. It would be as many hours as I could every day, as much as I could. I have a six-year-old daughter, so I had to fit it around there a little bit. But really, I had that one-point focus of I wanted to build a successful online business.

I had an idea of an amount of revenue that I wanted to bring in per month. I had an idea of how many courses I wanted to create and within me, nothing would stop me until I got to that point. Reflecting back on my own journey and being inspired today by the wonderful Serena Williams, it’s made me question what for you would be your one-point focus that you would need to bring you success as that therapist? Great sentence for reflection.

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