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Instant access to 100+ courses

New courses added every month
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Dr. Karen E Wells has been working with clients & students since 2000 and has successfully helped thousands of people help their clients overcome their issues in life.

She is absolutely dedicated to her students, providing support 7 days a week & bringing new content and courses available to study.

Success Stories

I am finding these courses most helpful in building my healing practice.

I particularly find that Karen is very engaging to listen to and very well informed. I find all the courses interesting, none of them feels like 'work' but rather a wonderful journey of discovery. I doubt that I will ever stop taking her courses. She also has back-up in terms of affiliates and groups you can join to assist one in starting their business. Very helpful indeed. 6 STARS!
- Julie Cole

Karen's courses never fail to meet my expectations, this course in particular I feel will be of help to many of my clients, coming for various therapies and wanting to talk during them.
- Ekaterina

Karen's courses are incredible!!!!!!!!

I have been invested in hypnotherapy for some time but after being so greatly impressed by other Karen E. Wells courses (Advanced past life progression, Future life progression and especially Life between lives regression) I am so grateful I worked through the Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Certification Diploma course!

The training manual attached to this particular course is, as with all others, basically therapist gold. I expected an induction and deepener manual but got so much more. There are different manuals for different practitioners. My approach is a lot more laid back and holistic and there is a perfect script there which I am working on incorporating into my current induction and deepener wording, so I'm very excited about that.

Another incredible bonus about this course is customized scripts for specific treatments focuses, like weight loss, stopping smoking, phobias, etc. Really great course, anyone interested in hypnosis will definitely benefit from this course.
Adrian H. Nelson

I highly recommend any of Karen Wells' courses as she is very good. This was an excellent course. Thank you.
- Sheridan Whitehead

I have now completed four of Karen's courses and there will be many more to come I hope all with the aim of helping me become not only a brilliant counsellor able to help clients through a wide range of life scenarios but also to help myself. I find Karen's delivery professional, sincere and from the heart and I am looking forward to the next one​​​​​​​.
- Paul Lannon

I think she’s a wonderful teacher, she explains everything very well. I found that it was very easy to follow and put into practice. Now I have to find guinea pigs to let me try all this stuff. I would like to try a few more people before I become serious.
​​​​​​​- Pat Oberlein

Karen is a delightful teacher with a great ability to explain difficult subject matter in a very understandable way. She's obviously a true professional. I'm very excited to continue to learn from her through all her courses.
Angela Johnston

I absolutely love Karen's courses. Her voice is so calming and soothing. All of the different exercises and course materials were well done. I have taken several courses of Karen's and each one is a new surprise, a new beginning and I feel confident that I can apply what I have learned in my own life and in the lives of others. Thank you!
- Erin Carey

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