Bring More To Your Therapy Business, Client Sessions & Your Life

Over 100+ fully accredited courses by Dr. Karen E Wells to help you up-level your therapy business and go to new heights in your life.

Karen is a delightful teacher with a great ability to explain difficult subject matter in a very understandable way. She’s obviously a true professional. I’m very excited to continue to learn from her through all her courses.

Angela Johnston

Dr. Karen E Wells

I’m Dr. Karen E Wells and having the tools, resources and knowledge I needed has allowed me to transform my own life and help my clients have breakthrough after breakthrough, which in turn have helped me to have massive success in my own therapy business.

The only problem was that it took me decades to gain all of this knowledge.

This is why I have taken all my years of expertise and created course after course of the highest quality video training and in-depth training manuals so you can lean on my expertise and create immense breakthroughs to up-level your life. For any issue you are facing, there’s a course to help you overcome and rise to the next level. So, I invite you to take a moment and browse through all my best courses I have put together for you and find the perfect fit for exactly what you need today!

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Professional Hypnotherapy for Goal Setting Diploma Course

Powerful, Yet Easy Techniques To Assist Yourself or Your Clients to Easily Achieve Goals in Life! Fully Accredited Course

Professional Hypnotherapy for Grief Diploma Course

Fully Accredited - Easy & Effective Techniques To Powerfully Assist Your Clients During The Grief Process with Hypnosis

Hypnosis Inductions, Deepeners & Successful Consultations

Techniques that enable you to create the most powerful Hypnotic Inductions, Deepeners & ensure successful Consultations

Professional Fully Accredited Meditation Teacher Diploma

Become a Professional Meditation Teacher with this fully Accredited Diploma Course

Accredited Professional Hypnotherapist Diploma For Stress

Fully Accredited Stress Diploma Course To Assist Clients With Stress & Health Using The Power of Hypnosis

Professional Holistic Fertility Counselling Diploma

Fully Accredited Diploma Course - Counselling to Assist Stress & Psychological Causes Of Infertility

Foundational Hypnotherapy For Birthing Diploma

Fully Accredited Diploma Course – Foundation tools for assisting clients for an easy birth using Hypnosis!

Accredited Professional Co-Dependency Counselling Diploma

Fully Accredited Diploma Course with Easy Techniques to Help Those in Co-Dependant Relationships

Accredited Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Diploma

Accredited DBT Diploma Course – Easy techniques to help those with Emotional & Mental Challenges & Overwhelm in Life

Professional Hypnotherapy Gastric Band Diploma Course

Fully Accredited Diploma Course with Easy Techniques for gastric Band Hypnosis

Curso de hipnosis para dejar de fumar totalmente acreditado

Successful techniques for Stop Smoking With Hypnosis! Take control & get your life back using my method of stop smoking!

Diplomado en Hipnoterapia Ericksoniana Profesional

Using Powerful & Easy Indirect Suggestions In Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Techniques for Success With Your Clients!

Diplomado en Hipnosis Profesional para el Insomnio

Fast & Effective Techniques To Overcome Sleep Problems & Insomnia! Fully Accredited Professional Diploma Course.

Diplomado en Tapping Temporal Profesional

Easy & Powerful Techniques to Release Issues Using Temporal Tapping. Fully Accredited Professional Diploma Course.

Diploma de Psicología Forense Profesional

Una visión fascinante de las mentes de los delincuentes mediante el uso de la psicología forense. Curso totalmente acreditado

Diplomado en Criminología Profesional

¡Herramientas sencillas para aprender Criminología por sí mismo o como carrera! Diplomado en Criminología Totalmente Acreditado.

Diploma de auto hipnosis para reprogramar su mente subconsciente

Fully Accredited Diploma – Become the Master of Your Life with Easy Tools for Self Hypnosis

Curso de Diploma de Scrying totalmente acreditado

¡Aprenda las habilidades para revelar con éxito el futuro! Amplíe su lado intuitivo con este Diploma de Scrying fácil de aprender

Curso de proyección astral profesional

¡Técnicas fáciles para experimentar la proyección astral para todos los niveles! Curso de Diploma totalmente acreditado

Curso de desarrollo psíquico profesional acreditado

Accredited Certificate course to learn the tools to successfully develop your psychic skills to help yourself & others.

Past Life Regression Teacher Training Course

Fully Accredited Course Taking You From Student To Teacher Of Past Lives! Easy & Simple Steps To Success.

Diplomado en Negocios en Línea de Terapeuta Profesional

¡Diploma totalmente acreditado para permitirle fácilmente la transición de sus terapias de cara a cara a trabajo en línea!

Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Teacher Course

Fully Accredited Course Taking You From Student To Teacher Of Hypnosis! Easy & Simple Steps To Success.

Accredited Professional Food Intolerance & Allergy Diploma

Fully Accredited Diploma Covering Food Intolerances, Allergies & Illness. Understanding How Food Affects The Body.

Diploma de Consejería de Terapeuta Corporal Profesional Acreditado

Accredited Counseling Dealing With Body Acceptance, Emotional & Mindful Eating, Self Esteem, Meditations, Self Worth.

Diploma de Consejería Profesional Acreditado por Abuso Sexual

Curso totalmente acreditado para consejeros de abuso sexual con técnicas fáciles para sobrevivir al trauma del abuso

Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Certification Diploma

An in depth & practical course to give you the skills to help others using Hypnotherapy. Easy & effective techniques.

Diplomado en hipnoterapeuta maestro totalmente acreditado

Conviértase en un maestro de la hipnoterapia con este curso de regresión avanzada de la edad. ¡Lleva tus sesiones de hipnosis al siguiente nivel!

Curso de consejería profesional totalmente acreditado sobre TEPT

Curso de Diploma completo para ayudar a sus clientes con esto en profundidad Asesoramiento especializado en trastorno de estrés postraumático

La guía completa para dominar el curso de diploma de cartas del tarot

Fully Accredited Diploma Course – Master The Art Of Tarot To Give Accurate Readings For Yourself And Others!

Curso de kinesiología de nivel básico totalmente acreditado

Using Kinesiology To Heal & Assist Your Clients Every Step Of The Way!

Fully Accredited Vegan Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Diploma

Full Diploma Course For Vegans or Vegan Coaches & Those Interested In A Cruelty Free Lifestyle. Plant Based Nutrition.

Diploma profesional acreditado de formación de profesores de yoga en silla

Curso totalmente acreditado que amplía las técnicas de enseñanza de yoga en silla para estudiantes con todas las capacidades. ¡Técnicas fáciles!

Diploma de entrenador de espiritualidad profesional totalmente acreditado

Potentes herramientas para ayudarse a sí mismo oa sus clientes como Coach de Espiritualidad Profesional.

Reduce & Stop Your Alcohol Intake For Good Course

A Full Diploma Course For Easy & Effective Ways To Reduce & Stop Your Alcohol Intake & Manage Your Emotions

Diplomado en psicoterapia profesional totalmente acreditado

Expand Your Skills With Psychotherapy! Help Stress, The Conscious & Unconscious Mind, Memory, Affective Disorders & More

Curso de certificación profesional de PNL totalmente acreditado

Accredited Full Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course – For Instant Change!

Asesoramiento profesional totalmente acreditado para adolescentes

Curso de diploma profesional para aumentar sus habilidades de consejería para ayudar específicamente a los adolescentes

Meditaciones poderosas para curar tu alma Diploma

Fully Accredited Course To Heal Your Soul, Connect Your Inner Child, Manage Your Emotions & Calm Your Mind

Diploma de entrenador de curación corporal profesional totalmente acreditado

Helping Others Or Yourself To Improve Mental, Emotional & Physical Health. Easy & Effective Techniques!

Nutrición completa para todos: curso de diploma totalmente acreditado

Exploring All Elements of Nutrition. Healthy Eating & Nutrition for all ages!

Curso de certificación de coaching de vida profesional acreditado

¡Curso de Diploma completo con técnicas asombrosas y herramientas poderosas para ayudarte a ti mismo o a tus clientes como Life Coach!

Fully Accredited Healing Your Chakras & Energy Body Diploma

Powerful Healing Meditations & Techniques to Heal & Clear Your Chakras & Energy Body

Curso de reflexología totalmente acreditado - ¡Sana a través de tus pies!

Curso de Diplomado para la Curación Natural del Cuerpo con Reflexología.

Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) – Living Beyond Time

Fully Accredited Diploma Course. Exploring Simultaneous Lifetimes Beyond The Existence of Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Curso de Diploma de Manejo Holístico del Dolor Totalmente Acreditado

Easy & Effective Techniques Alleviating Pain Naturally & Effectively

Curso de formación de profesores de yoga profesional acreditado

Full Certification Diploma Course to Learn the In depth techniques of Yoga to teach to Students & Groups!

Curso de escritura creativa - Consejos maestros para la escritura

Easy & Clear Tips To Get You To Write The Book You Have Always Dreamed Of! Co-Written by Amazon Best Selling Author

Curso de escritura de novelas - ¡Domina a tu escritor interior!

Convierta su escritura creativa en una novela exitosa: coescrito por el autor más vendido de Amazon

Fully Accredited Yoga Foundation Course – Learn & Love Yoga!

¡Aumenta la salud, la flexibilidad y el bienestar a través del Yoga! ¡Todo lo que necesitas saber y te encantará del Yoga!

Curso de escritura de libros para niños - ¡Domina a tu niño interior!

How to Successfully Write Children’s Stories or Books – Co-Written by Best Selling Amazon Author Jo Wynn

Curso de Diploma de Sanación de Terapia de Cristal totalmente acreditado

An In Depth Diploma Course Understanding & Learning About Crystals & Their Powerful Healing Abilities

Diplomado en Consejería Profesional totalmente acreditado

An In Depth Counseling Diploma Course To Take Your Therapy Skills To A New Level – Talking Is The New Healing!

Diplomado en aromaterapia profesional totalmente acreditado

¡Aprenda a usar las maravillosas herramientas de los Aceites Esenciales de Aromaterapia para Relajar, Calmar y Desestresar a sus Clientes!

Curso de Diploma de Terapia del Color Profesional Completamente Acreditado

Using the power of Color For Positive & Strong Effects In Your Life!

Curso de acupresión de base profesional totalmente acreditado

Professional Diploma Course Learning Easy & Effective Acupressure Techniques

Curso de reflexología manual profesional totalmente acreditado

Curso completo de diploma profesional para aprender las técnicas de la reflexología de manos relajante pero potente.

Professional Counselling Grief & Bereavement Diploma Course

Curso de Diploma completo para ayudar a sus clientes con esto en profundidad Asesoramiento especializado en trastorno de estrés postraumático

Diplomado de consultor profesional de estilo de vida personal

A Fully Accredited Diploma Helping Others As A Lifestyle Consultant To Improve & Self Empower Their Lives!

Curso de certificación de meditación completa totalmente acreditado

Un curso de Diploma en profundidad sobre Meditación. ¡Cómo ganar fácilmente la paz, la calma y la relajación y decir adiós al estrés!

Curso de Diploma de EFT Acreditado Profesionalmente - Tapping To Heal

Using the powerful tools of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique to release core issues. Quick & Powerful techniques!

Curso de Diploma totalmente acreditado en Consejería de Relaciones

Use sus habilidades de consejería para ayudar a las personas con sus problemas de relación

Curso de Diploma de Fundación en Naturopatía

¡Aprenda todo sobre la naturopatía en este curso de diploma totalmente acreditado!

Curso de diploma profesional totalmente acreditado en Feng Shui

Learn Easy, Quick & Powerful Techniques to Balance Your Home and Your Life!

Mindfulness for Teenagers & Schools – Beating Stress Easily

Quick & Effective Techniques Enabling 11-16 year olds to control Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, Stress & Anxiety!

Mindfulness for Children Diploma – Focus & Freedom for Kids!

Fully Accredited Diploma Course – Easy & Effective Techniques To Help Children Aged 6-10 Years Old

Diploma de Mindfulness totalmente acreditado

Easy Techniques To Guarantee Calm & Peace in Each Moment! Use For Yourself Or To Help Others As A Mindfulness Coach

Ley de la atracción: ¡manifiesta la vida que deseas!

Curso totalmente acreditado con técnicas simples pero poderosas que le permitirán crear lo que desea

¡Curso de pilates fácil totalmente acreditado! Consiga el cuerpo que desea

Professional Diploma Course For Easy & Effective Techniques To Tone Your Body & Lose Weight with Pilates

Diploma de consejería profesional en adicciones totalmente acreditado

Effective Techniques for Counsellors to Expand within the field of Addictions with Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling & Sex

Domine su discurso en público - Curso totalmente acreditado

Diploma Course For Easy & Effective Techniques For Successful Public Speaking – Hypnotherapy for Overcoming Your Blocks!

The Ultimate Stress & Mindfulness Course

Easy & Effective Techniques To De-Stress, Manage Your Emotions & Feel Calm & Relaxed In Every Moment

Acelere su aprendizaje para mejorar su curso de memoria

Be a Super learner & Train Your Brain Easily & Effectively! Great Techniques To Study, Learn & Absorb Any Subject Matter!

Curso de Diploma Completamente Acreditado Heal Your Inner Child

Easy & Effective Techniques To Heal Events From Childhood. Using The Tools Of Hypnosis To Set Yourself Free!

Fully Accredited Easy & Achievable Weight Loss Diploma

Easy Weight Loss Techniques & Powerful Hypnotherapy Tracks To Get To The Root Cause Of Your Weight Issue

Diploma de consultor profesional del sueño totalmente acreditado

Easy & Effective Ways To Help Combat Insomnia & Sleep Problems!

Curso de Diploma de Numerología Profesional Totalmente Acreditado

Herramientas para brindar información única sobre cómo navegar su vida usando números. Curso de Diploma Profesional

Developing Your Focus & Concentration Course

Maximise Your Brain, Focus, Concentration & Mind! Powerful Tools For Optimal Mindset, Mental Clarity & Determination

Diploma de Consejería Profesional en Depresión Totalmente Acreditado

Beating Depression With Powerful & Easy Counselling Techniques. Fully Accredited Diploma Course.

Curso de Diploma de Lenguaje Corporal Profesional Completamente Acreditado

Easy Tools To Understand The Conscious & Unconscious Movements & Postures By Which Attitudes & Feelings Are Communicated

Professional Anger & Aggression Counselling Diploma

Fully Accredited Diploma Course For Powerful Counselling Techniques For Anger & Aggression Management

Curso de Diploma de Psicología Positiva totalmente acreditado

Increase Your Awareness & Understanding Of The Human Mind Using Positive Psychology!

Diploma de psicología deportiva profesional totalmente acreditado

Understanding The Psychology Of Sport With Powerful Techniques To Overcome Blocks & Achieve Your Goals In Sport!

Diplomado en neuroplasticidad profesional totalmente acreditado

Easy & Effective Techniques To Rewire Your Brain Using Neuroscience!

Diploma de psicología infantil profesional totalmente acreditado

Aprenda o especialice su terapia en psicología infantil con este curso de diploma totalmente acreditado

Mindfulness in the Workplace & for Business Diploma Course

Fully Accredited Course With Easy & Effective Techniques To Kick Stress, Increase Productivity & Stay Focused!

Quiromancia: la guía completa para el curso del diploma de lectura de la palma

Fully Accredited Course. Easy & Effective Techniques For Reading Palms! Start Or Expand Your Career!

Terapia cognitivo conductual profesional (TCC)

Use las herramientas de CBT para usted o como practicante profesional de CBT. Curso totalmente acreditado.

Masaje de cabeza indio - Relájese su camino hacia la felicidad

¡Curso totalmente acreditado! ¡Aprenda las técnicas de masaje de Indian Head Massage para llevar a sus clientes a una relajación total!

Creación exitosa de cursos en línea en Udemy - No oficial

How To Successfully Create Online Courses On The Platform Of Udemy. Earn A Passive Income & Change Your Life! Unofficial

Creating Powerful & Successful Subliminal Recordings Course

Produce Powerful Hypnosis Subliminal’s For Effective Change Within The Subconscious Mind

Creating & Publishing Podcasts; How To Establish Your Brand

Fully Accredited Course With Easy Techniques To Establish Your Brand Via Podcasts! Establish Yourself & Your Brand!

Curso de Diplomado Train The Trainer totalmente acreditado

From Student To Trainer – Effective Techniques For Moving Into Your Area Of Expertise For Classroom or Online Courses

Master Meditation – Creating & Selling Meditation Recordings

Ignite Your Create Spark! Easy Tools To Create, Sell & Promote Your Own Professional Meditation or Hypnosis Recordings!

Hypnosis For Childbirth – Enjoy An Easy & Natural Birthing

¡Diploma totalmente acreditado para utilizar las poderosas herramientas de la hipnosis para guiarlo hacia una maravillosa experiencia de parto!

Diplomado en hipnoterapia para niños totalmente acreditado

Using the powerful tool of Hypnosis to help Children overcome Stress, Anxiety, Bedwetting, Bullying & Lack of Confidence

Progresión de la vida futura: hipnosis creando la vida que desea

Fully Accredited Diploma Course To Give You Techniques for Those Hypnotherapist’s Familiar with Past Life Regression

Curso de hipnoterapia totalmente acreditado para máxima confianza

Quick & Easy Techniques To Increase the Confidence In Any Area Of Your or Your Clients Life! Fully Accredited Diploma

Diplomado en hipnosis grupal totalmente acreditado

Easy & Powerful Techniques To Work With Groups to Resolve Issues with Hypnotherapy

Diploma de guiones de hipnoterapia profesional totalmente acreditado

Cómo desarrollar guiones terapéuticos exitosos para ayudarse a sí mismo oa sus clientes con sus problemas con la hipnosis

Past Lives: Healing Emotional Wounds & Repeating Patterns

Curso totalmente acreditado con potentes herramientas para dejar ir el karma mediante la regresión a vidas pasadas

Fully Accredited Advanced Past Life Regression Diploma

Accredited Diploma for Advanced Therapist Techniques for Past Lives to take your clients on deeper Regression journeys!

Future Life Hypnosis Course – Moving Beyond Past Lives

Identifying & Removing Your Blocks To Create Inner & Outer Happiness!

Past Lives Regression Diploma – Exploring The Past To Heal The Present

Accredited Course enabling yourself or your clients to let go & heal the energy of Past Lives with Past Life Regression

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