Marketing Problems For Therapists

Welcome to today’s podcast to help build your thriving therapy business where we dig deep into the therapy bucket, the latest trends and what you need to build your successful business. Here’s your host, Dr. Karen E. Wells.Marketing Problems For Therapists

Okay, so on today’s podcast I wanted to look at therapists and also their marketing, and how they go about their marketing because although they’ve trained in therapies for many, many different modalities and years, most of the time, they’re not marketers. Actually, how many of us are unless that’s your specialized area of field? For most, marketing is an absolute minefield. When it comes to therapists, the thought of actually getting yourself out there to the wider general public is something that can actually instill a lot of fear into the therapist itself, so that’s something I just wanted to talk about today.

What is that fear about? What is it that therapists have about getting themselves out there? It’s not just therapists, of course. It exists for most people that are building a business, but because I deal with therapists it’s something that I see constantly as well. In one of my other podcast episodes, I did talk about a lack of confidence, but this is something different. What is it really that stops a therapist from getting themselves out there? Yes, there can be technical difficulties. There’s a whole new world of things technical to learn if you want to expand your business. Particularly, if you want to move into working online with clients, or if you want to take the role of moving from a therapist to a teacher in your particular chosen therapy field, then that’s a giant leap as well.

But what’s all this fear about? Where does it come from? Why is it that therapists are really, really apprehensive about getting themselves out there? The most common things I would say are therapists tend to be quite sensitive energetically. They might feel the thought-forms or the energy that’s coming to them if they’re advertising on, for example, Facebook ads, or they’re getting their website well known by doing Google AdWords, something like that.

If they’re creating videos and putting them on YouTube, and they are very energetically sensitive, they might pick up on those thought forms that those energies, particularly when they’re not favorable, that come from people. It’s often a fear of the negative as well about getting yourself out there and actually if most therapists actually looked at that, they would find that it would be a fear of the therapy of the negative that would actually stop them getting out there.

But also, because I’ve worked in the field of hypnosis and regression for, gosh, 15 years at the time of recording now, you’ll also … I’ve seen it time and again where therapists have actually had past life regression, other lives happening where they’ve suffered persecution because they’ve done alternative healings or alternative therapies. Not that they would have been known as that going back in the Middle Ages or something, but often that soul comes with a history of persecution. Maybe they were thought of as a witch in other lives. They’ve been doing healing with herbs and maybe they’ve been killed for that. It’s not ridiculous. This is proven in history, and I’ve seen it time and again in therapists that have come to me. Really, what is it? Is it part of that? Is it a sensitivity to thought-forms and energy? I would say it’s probably a mix of all of it.

But if you remove a belief, because quite often those therapists come with a belief that if they are working within that field, that is what’s going to happen to them, ff they remove that belief, actually, what’s the reality? Are they being swamped by thought forms? Are they being swamped by energy or actually, what is the fear of getting themselves out there? Because anybody can be as successful as they want to be. You can create whatever life that you want. It’s about purely putting your intent and starting the steps to create that.

If this podcast resonates with you and you’re a therapist that really shies away from putting yourself out there, because there’s something in you, and you’re not sure what perhaps that stops you from building your business and really getting a worldwide reach, and for that business to be successful, then have a thought, have a reflection on the points that I’ve put across today. You’ll probably find that some of that resonates with you.

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