Should Therapists Have Therapy?

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So, I wanted to just talk today about the concept of, if somebody is working as a therapist, is it a good idea that they actually start to, or that they’ve had therapy themselves? My belief is, and from my own experience and that from many peers, is that really you’d need to go through the whole journey yourself. Of course, each person, whether you’re a therapist or a client, are going to have your own unique set of issues or things that you’ve come into this life that you need to heal. 

But really, as that therapist, unless you start to look at your own issues, really how effective are you going to be for your client?

Therapy is not a mental process. It’s not about reading a book. It’s not about reading, downloading a PDF, watching videos. Of course, that is part of, or can be part of the process attending a live session itself. But unless you actually go through the techniques yourself, really you’d have to ask yourself, how effective are you going to be as that therapist for your client? If you experience your therapy techniques yourself, of whatever therapy that you’re into, whether that’s hypnosis, regression, counseling, whatever it is, that you start to look as that therapist at your own issues. And this is something that I’m passionate about and that I do feel that every therapist needs to do this.

Now I’ve worked with lots of therapists. Most of, at the moment, my 150,000 students, I would say probably 80% of those are therapists. And I see a lot of them actually go through the process themselves, which is great, but also a lot of them don’t. Sometimes people just want a quick certificate. They want a quick diploma where they can work through a course and say, yes, I’ve qualified in that. But actually, how effective is that going to be for your clients? Yet, if they actually followed the process themselves and actually went back to, let’s use regression here, as an example, if they actually went back to the root cause of their own blockages, then that would be extremely helpful for their clients because they would understand exactly what it is that they’re going through.

Each person, doesn’t matter the role that you play in life, whether you’re a therapist, I don’t know, a gardener, a cleaner, a pool person, a teacher, we all have our own issues and whatever role in life, in terms of occupation, that you’ve come in to actually heal those aspects of yourself. The fact is that you have come in to heal those aspects, and therefore you should be working through your own issues.

Lots of times therapists come to me and they say, I can’t get clients. I don’t feel that I should charge for money. Well, if you can’t get clients, you need to start to look at what that is. Do you feel confident in your therapists? Do you feel confident in taking money? Why isn’t money an exchange? People perhaps have, or have been told in having their conditioning that really, you should get a proper job and if you’re helping people, you shouldn’t really be paid to do that. But money is an energy and it’s an energy exchange. If you help somebody, somebody pays that for you. You have your own lifestyle, your own probably family circumstances to pay for. But quite often therapists have mindset issues when they come to look at actually looking at things themselves. So they have their own blockages on money. They have their own blockages with getting clients. They have their own blockages in actually getting themselves out there to the world.

You might have one or two clients, but why not say that next year, you want to earn a million dollars. Why is that not possible? In what way does your soul want to expand its learning and its consciousness by helping as many people as possible? And then in that you should be rewarded in financial gain. There’s nothing wrong in that at all. So you can have whatever you want. But what I’m saying is, as a therapist, have you actually looked at your own mindset, problems, and blockages. And if not, why not?

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