The Number One Mistake That Therapist’s Make

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So, what I wanted to talk about today is a significant thing that most therapists miss during their therapy sessions with their clients. And that’s the viewpoint that actually whatever’s going on for your client and whatever issues they’re experiencing, the therapist often misses the fact that it’s the client’s own creation. So what does that mean when we say it’s the client’s own creation?

Now there will have been a point up to the age of seven, where basically something will have come in, an offense, an occurrence will have happened to the client. And that will ever release the karma and what needs to be healed in this lifetime. Now, if that point is not healed or dealt with in the right way, and this is a point that happens to every single person on the planet, then the client will bring about reoccurring events in their lifetime. So what they’ll see is that something happened to them in childhood before the age of seven, and it’s a significant spiritual point.

And from that point forward, they will bring into their life reoccurring events with different people that are getting them to release and actually heal what’s been happening. Now, this could have happened … It would have happened in this lifetime and it could have happened in past lives and all other lives as well. So, as I say, it’s something that happens to every single person on the planet.

Now, if somebody work, if somebody goes to a therapist and that’s not something that they’re aware of, then they can spend many times trying to fumble about with their client, trying to find the root cause. So if somebody comes with depression, depression will be an offshoot with many other different issues. And they will all stand from this significant point in childhood. Now, the client then at the age of 30 might experience depression, at the age of 28 may have had weight gain because they’re suppressing their issues. They may have anxiety. There could be 10 presenting problems.

So often in therapy, there’s often a therapist that is presented with say, for example, these 10 different issues, and they don’t know where to start. But the problem is, is that they are unaware that actually they all come back to one significant point, which happens in childhood before the age of seven. And this point is called the first point of pain. Now, if you’ve had somebody that has suffered abuse, for example, whether that’s sexual abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, whatever the abuse has been, there will have been an event that will have happened in childhood. And as that person continues through their life, it could be that, for example, if they were abused at the age of four, for example, they might go into school and they find they’re bullied by their friends. They go into the workplace and find that bullying’s happening there. They choose partners that start to abuse them.

And so people start to think, “What is it that’s happening to me?” That’s actually that these things are just happening, different circumstances, different people, and all that’s happening in a spiritual sense is that the people really are irrelevant because they’re just bringing forth the events for them. But because of this point that happened at the age of seven, the client gives off a certain frequency. And in that frequency, it then attracts in people that, so for example, the one of abuse that we’ve just spoke about where they’re going to be bullied or abused by partners, et cetera, et cetera, until that cycle has broken.

Now, a lot of talking therapists may possibly be aware of that, but what they’re not aware of is this single point, this first point of pain, a very spiritual significant point that happens in this lifetime and all the other lives. And it really releases, kicks off the karma, and for the client on a spiritual sense, brings forth into their life exactly what it is that they need to heal.

So if your therapist, or as that therapist, if you can take your client back to that first point of pain, then you’ll find it’s incredibly powerful and they will break these repetitive cycles.

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