Why Therapists Have A Lack of Confidence

Welcome to today’s podcast to help build your thriving therapy business, where we dig deep into the therapy bucket, the latest trends and what you need to build your successful business. Here’s your host, Dr. Karen E. Wells.

So welcome to today’s podcast. And I want you to really talk about the lack of confidence that exists with a lot of therapists. Now I’ve dealt with over 120,000 therapists with a lot of my online courses. And most of them, I would say about 80 to 85% of those therapists actually suffer from a lack of confidence. So you’ve got to ask yourself, what is that all about? These people have gone through the therapy wheel, they’ve learned so many different skills on how they can actually help somebody else. Yet, there’s a strong lack of confidence that really exists within 80 to 85% of them.

Now, when I deal with students or I bring in therapists into my Facebook group and I’m working with those therapists, or whether that’s in one of my private coaching programs, I want to know what is it that’s going on with you that’s really giving you this lack of confidence that is not helping you in any way, shape or form. Does it come back to the fact of these therapists haven’t actually resolved their own issues themselves? Does it come to the fact that maybe the therapists have actually come to therapy to actually work through their own issues? And that’s something that I do see quite a lot.

So often we’ll have people on my coaching programs for hypnotherapy or regression, and then they’ll come to actually just resolve their own issues under the premise of actually wanting to become a therapist. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. And in fact, it’s a great thing because what it means is it’s going to make them a more effective therapist, because if they go through that process and actually fine-tune the issues and work through that, it’s going to make them a very, very empathic therapist for their clients that are going to come through. So in a way, it is a good thing. But still I’m seeing that this lack of confidence is there. So what is it within these therapists that hasn’t been resolved? Maybe they’ve worked through tens of therapy courses to learn the therapy art, to learn the therapy practice, but they’ve never really got to the root cause of their issues. And this is something I do see it time and again.

Now I try and I do work with them on this aspect because each person is actually vibrating off a frequency from their being. And if you’ve got a client that comes to you and you have a lack of confidence, whether that’s in yourself or within the therapy that you’re doing, that client is actually going to pick up on that vibration, that frequency. So there’s going to be an element there of lack of trust. So really the therapist to be an effective therapist must go through the process of resolving their own issues. Otherwise, that frequency will be picked up by the potential clients that are going to come to that therapist and what they’ll find is actually, they’re not able to resolve them and help to resolve their issues because that lack of confidence is creating a failure each time, if you like. Or not maybe isn’t necessarily a failure, but what it’s creating is something that’s not going to work properly. Because first of all, your client whether they’re conscious of it or not will pick up on that frequency. And you’ve got to have that confidence as the therapist in order to be able to actually let your client trust you and that’s a really big thing.

So in this last five minutes of talking, let’s bring it back to fundamental sentences here, what am I saying? There’s a big lack of confidence in therapists. It’s still exists, doesn’t matter how many therapy modalities that they’ve worked through, that lack of confidence is there, whether that’s in themselves or the therapies that they actually teach. Now, unless the therapists are going to go through and resolve that own issues and overcome this lack of confidence, they are still going to transmit a vibration. That means that the frequency that they’re giving off is not going to enable the trust that needs to build between a client and the therapist, because your client will subconsciously pick up on that.

So if you feel that you have any issues that need resolving, come and join one of my coaching programs, this is what we’re working through. Come and join my free Facebook group, Transformational Therapy with Dr. Karen E. Wells. This is what we’re looking at because until they’re resolved, you’re not going to find yourself being an effective therapist.

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