Zero Point Focus

The Ultimate Training For Your Mind To Go Beyond The Veils Of Reality

There is nothing like the communication of frequency on the mind, brain and body.

It changes you at a cellular level, altering your ability to attract in what you are focussing on.

Dr Jo Le-Rose – Co-Creator Of Zero Point Focus

What is Zero Point Focus?

It is an actual happening found in Quantum Physics, where subatomic particles reach ground state energy, creating a vacuum of staggering power. This is where energy moves between particles and waves, altering itself to magnetically gravitate from one frequency to another. It is where creation happens.

Zero Point Focus uses this quantum principle to bring the brain into a central point that feels like you are suspended in pure energy. From this point, special tones, frequencies and techniques are used to instruct the mind to create wavelengths that alter your material reality.

This can assist you in many areas of your life for self-development, increasing your wealth, health & happiness and fulfilling the deep spiritual call of the inner you.

Zero Point Focus is unlike any other program, as it is not meditation, hypnosis or subconscious training, it is designed to put your body to sleep, whilst keeping the mind completely alert. It is this that opens the door to consciousness itself.

This way of working with the mind is relatively unknown and the results can be literally mind-blowing, as you are at the level of creative cause and not effect. It’s time to take the controls of your mind and create the life you want and to let go of what has been holding you back.



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The Ultimate Training For Your Mind To Go Beyond The Veils Of Reality

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