Wealth Creation

Using Zero Point Quantum Physics to Materialise Wealth!


An Overview of This Zero Point Focus Set

This set is a series of in-depth recordings that take you into the unique space of Zero Point Focus where you can let go of limitation, worthlessness, powerlessness and create the that you KNOW you DESERVE!

About this Zero Point Focus MP3 Set

Take a deep inner journey into the unique space of Zero Point Mind, where your body is deeply asleep, yet your mind is fully awake and active! 

Special tones & frequencies are layered in a specific way to bring the heart, brain and mind into coherence. Once these are moving together, the mind opens and you experience an inner vacuum. 

This is the zero point of creation. 

The series of recordings then prepare your mind to extract any frequencies of limitation, powerlessness and worthlessness that are moving through this space, affecting your life. Here is the true place to alter and create your own reality and have the wealth you have always wanted.

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What You'll Learn:

How to Let Your Body Be Deeply Asleep Whilst The Mind Is Alert


How to let go of your powerless feelings


Let go of worthlessness that has kept you within the state of wealth you have had your whole life


Connect with the power inside of yourself that knows no limitation and through specialised frequencies and tones, create your reality you require around wealth


Learn the process of manifesting instantly in your life


Use the specialized recordings anytime you need


Have the wealth you have always dreamt of become a reality


And Much More!

I didn't think it was possible to let go of the money traps I had fallen into in the past, but it is! I'm creating my own reality and my own wealth, this is fantastic!

- Amanda,  Arizona, USA
Fully Accredited
This program is fully accredited by the CTAA, Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.
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The Wealth Creation Zero Point Focus MP3 Set Consists of:


Training To Reach The Space Of Zero Point Focus


Extracting Worthlessness


Extracting Powerlessness


The Extraction of Limitation


Reprogramming the mind


Audio Specialised Frequencies & Tones

Included in this MP3 set:
  • 3 hrs. of on-demand audio visualisations
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on any device
  • Certificate of Completion
Who This Course is For

There are absolutely no pre-requirements needed before taking the course other than an internet connection, pen & paper for notes , well as an open mind & open heart!


This course is for anyone who wants to explore the deeper aspects of themselves that can let go of the beliefs of limitations, powerlessness and worthlessness that has driven your life until now - letting go into new wealth prosperity!

I really can’t thank you enough! This course has given me so much and finally I am reaching the financial goals I have always wanted in my life!

- Samantha, London, UK
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